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Improving Health & Nutrition through Biofortification

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The New Innovation Hub For Research Into Biofortification

The BioFortification Hub provides support and funding to applicants aiming to undertake innovative research projects in the area of biofortification, the development of crops, foods, feed and fodder with higher levels of nutrients.

Our mission is to promote collaborative interactions and research projects between industry and academia as well as to support the UK biofortification community by disseminating opportunities and information in health and nutrition.

The hub is located on the Norwich Research Park (UK) and is one of six hubs funded by BBSRC in 2022 as part of the Open Innovation Research Club (OIRC) on diet and health. 

Six New Hubs For Innovation
The Biofortification Hub (Norwich, UK) is one of six BBSRC-funded Hubs established in 2022 as part of the Open Innovation Research Club (OIRC) on diet and health.
Group 27
The Quadram Institute
The Quadram Institute
John Innes Centre
John Innes Centre
Image provided by Imperial College London showing Imperial College London – Exhibition Road. The building entrance is a glass and white brick construction surrounded by a white framework
Imperial College London
University of Surrey
University of Surrey
Latest News & Outcomes
Read about the activities of the Biofortification Hub
19th February 2024
Competition – Diet and health innovation: Early stage feasibility projects working with one or more of the Diet and Health OIRC Hubs
17th January 2024
The First Community Meeting for the Biofortification Hub was held at the end of November 2023
10th January 2024
Researchers call for biofortification to play an integrated role in national and international food strategies to relieve the global problem of hidden hunger.
26th October 2023
UK-based students and early career researchers can now apply for bursaries to support their attendance at the Biofortification Hub Community Meeting
09th March 2023
The first Community Meeting for the Biofortification Hub will be held 29th to 30th November 2023 at the Norwich Research Park
29th November 2022
The Biofortification Hub was launched by the Quadram Institute and John Innes Centre in 2022 to increase nutrient levels in crops and food
A person holding two large bottles of white plant-based milks
22nd August 2022
Research into how plant-based milks are digested is helping to develop ways to ensure nutrients are absorbed by the body