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Membership to the Biofortification Hub network is open and free throughout the duration of the project (2023-2027). You can join the Biofortification Hub by completing the membership form below.

Membership is encouraged for applicants submitting grant proposals (BIV, PoC, FMA) to the Hub or attending the Biofortification Hub’s large Community meetings.

Membership is required for attendees of the hub’s workshops and for all partners receiving funding from the Hub.

How many Members to date?

Since December 2022, 237 members have joined the Biofortification Hub.

  • 59% are from the UK & 41% from abroad.
  • 61% of UK members joined the Researcher Meet Industry scheme.
  • 37 UK Companies / Organisations have joined.
  • 21 Companies / Organisations from abroad have joined.

What happens when I am a Member?

We will keep members up to date about workshops, meetings, events and funding calls with regular email newsletters.

It is the responsibility of individual members to ensure their membership information is up to date, and to inform the Biofortification Hub of any required changes by contacting If you want to terminate your membership you should either contact us or click ‘unsubscribe’ on a newsletter that you receive from us.

Please read our Privacy Notice before completing the form. The data that you submit on this form will be transferred to BBSRC-UKRI (in line with our privacy notice). Your email address will be used by BBSRC-UKRI to create a unique identifier but will never be used by BBSRC-UKRI to contact you.

Contact if you have any questions.

Application Form:

Note: after clicking “submit” the page will display: “THANK YOU FOR SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION TO THE BIOFORTIFICATION HUB” to indicate your application has been received. New members will not receive additional email confirmation.

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Apply for Membership

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OPTIONAL: Participate to the Researcher Meet Industry scheme, which lists people from academia interested in working in industry in the area of biofortification, and the companies and organisations receptive to hosting them.

Please note that Flexible Mobility Award (FMA) funding to support researcher mobility is only available to applicants resident in the UK. If you wish to be involved in these FMA placements, please select either “I am a researcher interested by a placement/working in industry” or “I am company or organisation potentially interested in hosting/hiring academics” to be added to the list displayed on this website 

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