Funding Eligibility And Scope Check List

The Biofortification Hub provides grants to academic institutions eligible for BBSRC funding mainly, but not exclusively, to support Early Carrier Researchers (ECR) innovative research or mobility in collaboration with industry.

Staff from industry looking for a mobility placement in academia don’t need to meet the criteria below and can proceed directly to the Flexible Mobility Award (FMA) page.

Please contact the Hub manager with any queries that you may have.

The online check below covers the BBSRC grant funding updates of 22 February 2024.

Quick online check in nine self-assessed questions:

1: Scope. Which area of biofortification research will the project focus on?
  • Food
  • Feed
  • Fodder
  • Other (*)
2: Are you eligible for BBSRC funding (Institution and Principal Applicant)?
  • Yes/No
3: Your project has an industry link or partner?
  • Yes/No
4: Who will do the work?
  • Junior postdoc
  • Senior Postdoc
  • Other (*)
5: Your grant application includes:

Directly Incurred costs (excluding equipment) and Directly Allocated Costs (excluding estate costs). No indirect Costs. 

  • Yes/No
6: Your project prioritises research activities

Directly Incurred costs represent 80% or more of the total grant costs (recommended).

  • Yes/No
7: Funding limit (100% of full Economic Cost)

– Business Interaction Voucher: £20K recommended / £50K max

-Proof of Concept award: £40K recommended / £100K max

-Flexible Mobility Award: £20K max

  • Yes/No
8: Duration limit

-Business Interaction Voucher: 6-9 months

-Proof of Concept award: 9-12 months

-Flexible Mobility Award: 3 months

  • Yes/No
9: You can join the Biofortification Hub network for free here

Am I eligible for funding?
If any answer above is NOYou are probably not eligible or in scope, but if in doubt please contact the Hub manager with any query that you may have
If any answer above is Other (*)Please contact the Hub manager for confirmation
If neither of these 2 options applyYou are eligible and in scope. You can submit a grant application to the Biofortification Hub