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From 22 February 2024, BBSRC has revised the PoC, BIV and FMA grant conditions for the six OIRC Hubs. All forms, guidelines and information regarding funding have now been updated on this website. Thank you.

The Biofortification Hub Manager

The Biofortification Hub offers funding to support innovative research, collaboration and mobility between Academia and Industry including the following:

Next PoC & BIV funding calls: OPEN 01 February 2024 – CLOSE 01 May 2024 (18:00 GMT)

You can check your eligibility to receive funding using our quick online test

Projects currently funded by the Biofortification Hub

In 2023 the Biofortification Hub provided BBSRC funding to five academic groups in collaboration with nine companies for a total of £232K.

  • Maximising nutrient levels in seaweeds. PoC project starting 01/10/2023 (duration 12 months). University of Aberdeen in collaboration with New Wave Foods Ltd.
  • Sustainable biofortification solutions for Scottish soft fruit and vertical farming food production. PoC project starting 01/11/2023 (duration 12 months). University of Aberdeen in collaboration with Pictish Worms Ltd, Intelligent Growth Solutions, R&N Cessford Farm and Castleton Fruit Ltd.
  • Omega-3 enhanced tomatoes (O3TOM). PoC project starting 01/10/2023 (12 months). Rothamsted Research and John Innes Centre (Norwich) in collaboration with Norfolk Plant Sciences Ltd.
  • Applications of high-amylose wheat flour to deliver healthier ready-to-eat sandwich bread. BIV project starting 31/01/2024 (duration 6 months). Quadram Institute Bioscience (Norwich) in collaboration with AB Mauri UK & Ireland (Cereform Ltd.) and Bay State Milling.
  • Elevating Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Vitamin E and Microelement content of Eggs, supporting Diet, Climate and Biodiversity Targets (lOVEMEggs). BIV project starting 16/10/2023 (duration 6 months). University of Aberdeen in collaboration with Duncan Farms Limited.
Next funding calls (2024): Biofortification of food, feed and fodder
  • PoC : call will open 01-02-2024 – deadline to submit proposal 01-05-2024
  • BIV : call will open 01-02-2024 – deadline to submit proposal 01-05-2024
  • FMA : open call (all year) – applications reviewed every 2 months
Related Funding opportunities

Opportunities from other food networks or from the other five hubs in the OIRC initiative on Diet and Health are listed here.

How to apply:

  1. Become a Biofortification Hub member (encouraged) – it’s free and only takes two minutes to register*
  2. Check your eligibility to receive funding using our quick online test
  3. Check the details and instructions for each call
  4. Submit your grant application form and additional information before the call deadline
  5. Contact the hub manager for any question that you may have

* Members will be kept up to date about workshops, meetings, events and funding opportunities with regular newsletters. Membership is encouraged when applying for funding or attending the biofortification Hub’s large Community meetings. Membership is required for attending workshops and receiving funding from the Hub.